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Air sealing and insulation improvements

Janice Godard

Wellington neighborhood homeowner Janice Godard obtained her college degree in sustainable management so it was an easy decision to sign up for a home energy assessment with Energy Smart Colorado.

Assessment Process & Findings

Janice noted that her kitchen always tended to be cold – even in summer months. During the assessment, local analyst Mark Anderson performed a blower door test which simulates a 20 mph wind hitting all sides of the house by sucking air out of the house.

During the blower door test, the building analyst found the home to be VERY leaky. 93% of the air in the home was being exchanged every hour with outside air. With the help of an infrared camera, Mark found significant air leaks around the attic hatch, recessed lighting, “mystery” vents in the top floor bedrooms, around the front door and bath vents as well as all exterior wall outlets and switches, baseboards, and the plumbing chase. Additionally, large areas of the attic and the home’s crawlspace were found to be missing insulation.

Measures Completed

With a contractor list provided by High Country Conservation Center in hand, Janice employed a local contractor to caulk and provide air sealing measures, as well as improve the insulation in the lowest and highest levels of the home.

“The Energy Smart program is an excellent opportunity. My analyst was super easy to work with, and the whole process was painless.” 

– Janice Godard, Breckenridge

Project Costs

With rebates from High Country Conservation Center, $400 was knocked off the $1,764 crawlspace insulation costs.

Energy Efficiency Savings

With an annual savings estimated at $365, Janice’s after-rebate cost of $1,364 will payback in less than four years.

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